Idea Matters, Not The Age

It was one bright Sunday and Mr. Sudhir Malhotra planned to visit his new home in Bengaluru city. It’s not like he never been there it’s just he loves to go there every once in awhile. The atmosphere over there is just the way he needed. Calm, Cool and peaceful. As the apartment was on the outskirts of the city. It wasn’t crowded and also no pollution. It was surrounded by the greenery.

At the apartment:

When he entered his penthouse he looked around. It was same as he left four months ago Stark, clean and beautiful. After unpacking his closed he realized how tired he was from the journey so he decided to take a nap.

The time he woke up. It was 6 in the evening and the sun was about to set. So he decided to fix himself a cup of coffee and sit on the balcony and enjoy the sunset.

He opened the balcony door and sat in the rocking chair enjoying the beautiful art of nature. the cloud was painted in orangish red and the ball of fire which now looked more calmer was hiding behind the mountains. This view always took his breath away. Sadly the smile on his face didn’t stay longer. It soon turned into a frown when he saw a bag of garbage lying on the ground outside the apartment which was supposed to be a playground for apartment kids. Mr. Malhotra being clean freak couldn’t help but be angry. He hates garbage around his residence. He cringed at the sight but as it was one bag he let it slide and buried himself with more work.

After 4 months:

Mr. Malhotra visited his apartment in Bengaluru city. He did the same routine as last time and opened the door of the balcony. Instead of feeling happy he burned in fury as the foul smell hit his nose. He wasn’t expecting this in his wildest dream. Now the whole playground which was meant kids were now filled with garbage. dogs and cows were lying on the ground and eating garbage.

He couldn’t take it anymore. As he was head of a management committee, he called the meeting immediately in order to discuss the issue. The meeting was held in one of the neighbor’s house. All the committee members were discussing how it all started and how they can solve the solution the meeting went on until late night but couldn’t find the solution. The little boy called Rahul who happened to be the son of the associate was watching everything.

“Daddy”, called Rahul interrupting the meeting.

“Yes, son?”, his father asked.

“I have a solution for this problem”, he said.

“Oh really? What is it?”, He asked his son.

“The other day I was watching this movie and-“, But he was interrupted by Mr. Malhotra.

“Mr. Raj please tell your son to leave so we can continue the meeting”, said Mr. Malhotra irritated and Mr. Raj called his wife so that she can take his son away.

That night the committee decided they will clean the land and put the board that said ‘Keep the place clean’. Next day Mr. Malhotra left feeling happy about his decision.

After 2 months.

When Mr. Malhotra Visited again he thought everything was fine and opened the balcony door only to see that the matter was ten times worse than before. He called the meeting and asked what happened and there he learned that nobody cared for the board. So this time they decided to clean the land and install the CCTV so that they can find the culprit. But next day they got to know that someone broke the CCTV and dumped the garbage all over the playground. That day Mr. Malhotra left the city disappointed about the situation.

All these days Rahul and his friends were watching what was happening. They were sad that they couldn’t play in their usual place as it is covered with garbage, dogs and garbage were all around.

“What are you thinking Rahul?”, asked his friend Sanjay.

“I was thinking how our playground has turned into the dumpster”, said Rahul sadly.

“I know but our parents are thinking about it”, said Sam.

“But whatever they are doing isn’t working”, Rahul muttered.

“Do you have a plan?”, Seema asked.

“I kind of do, but Daddy thinks it is stupid”, Rahul said pouting.

“Can you share it with us”, Seema asked excitedly. At first, Rahul hesitated but after Seema pestering Rahul a lot Rahul gave in and shared his idea.

Seema was impressed by Rahul’s plan she ran to her house to find her brother Sammer when she did she asked him to help her with something and explained the plan. Even Sameer liked the plan and agreed to help. Seema was beyond happy and called her friends and Sameer asked what he can do. The kids asked Sameer to clean the land but after 3 AM and asked to take the kids to shopping right now. Sameer didn’t Question the kids and helped them anyway.

After 3 AM when there was no sign of people around Sameer arranged people to clean the land. Sprayed the water, planted the samplings of Neem and Tulsi. Placed the statue of Lord Krishna and also stuck the saffron flag near the statue.

After a month.

Mr. Malhotra entered his Penthouse again and but this time he was sad. He went to the balcony again to see how worse was the situation. When he was expecting pungent smell but this time he was welcomed by the scent of Jasmine. He was taken back. When he looked down instead of dumpster there was the statue of Lord Krishna and priest was worshipping the god and doing pooja and all his neighbors were attending it. He went down and attended the pooja.

“Not bad Mr. Raj… it was a good move to clean the playground”, said Mr. Malhotra happily.

“Oh no Mr. Malhotra, it wasn’t me or any of our Committee members. It was our kids who cleaned the place overnight and created the environment of the temple. Must say kids these days are genius”, said Mr. Raj proudly.

“Indeed they are”, said Mr. Malhotra totally impressed by the kids. That night he took all the kids out and treat them to dinner in an expensive restaurant. He left for London next day happily thinking how the young mind brings changes in the world and we do not need experts to tackle the situation every time.


Hello Readers!!!

Well, whoever read my work thank you so much!!! From this story, I want to convey that you should always give a chance to the people who are around you and never underestimate their potential by judging their age, appearance and social status. Everybody is unique.



How It All Started


      As a kid, I was always interested and also excited about books and stories. That might be fiction or non-fiction, mystery or fantasy or just an incident. I used to listen to everything with interest. When there is no one to tell me stories I would go to my granny and demand a new story every day and end up drowning in the world of imagination. 

       As I grew up, went to school, I went to libraries and borrowed books from the librarian. My first book was  “Beauty And The Beast”. It made a six-year-old girl think how life can be changed in a span of the second and will take a long time to make things right. As I grew up the list of books went on increasing. For me, they were not just a story. It showed me a new phase of life. A new lesson.

       When I turned 11, I tried novels, my first novel was  “Harry Potter”. for an 11-year-old it was an amazing experience of both magic and tough life. It taught me no matter how dark the life is, there is always a ray of hope. Slowly my interest diverted from fantasy to mystery than to love…. but every book told me a new story about life.

     As I went on reading more and more books, my imagination level went on increasing it inspired me to write my own book. My first book was a love story. At the age of 15, I wrote about a girl and her bunch of friends. Going through the problems and distraction as a teenager would do and mess the things up. And create it was an amazing experience. Though I didn’t publish it I did share with my schoolmates and they loved it and helped me to improve my works.

        My next story was- mystery, which was written by my best friends and me. It just created so many memories which I cherish to this day. To be frank, I am crazy about writing…  so much that I was even caught by a teacher.. thankfully she didn’t understand stuff. And again the story was loved by my friends.

       Sad thing was my family never encouraged and understood my love or you can tell craze for books and writing stories. They thought it as a distraction.  At one point of time, I did quit my favorite hobby for my family and for my future. As I had to prove myself to my family. Well, again it was a stupid teenager thing. And I did concentrate my studies and proved myself too. But sadly had to give up my hobby. For a time period.

       Today though I am on my way to the better future. I still continued my hobby. Obviously no objection from family. I do write stories. And also kept my parents happy. In all these years I did learn one thing which is, no matter what never give up on what makes you happy and with what life throws at you.