How It All Started


      As a kid, I was always interested and also excited about books and stories. That might be fiction or non-fiction, mystery or fantasy or just an incident. I used to listen to everything with interest. When there is no one to tell me stories I would go to my granny and demand a new story every day and end up drowning in the world of imagination. 

       As I grew up, went to school, I went to libraries and borrowed books from the librarian. My first book was  “Beauty And The Beast”. It made a six-year-old girl think how life can be changed in a span of the second and will take a long time to make things right. As I grew up the list of books went on increasing. For me, they were not just a story. It showed me a new phase of life. A new lesson.

       When I turned 11, I tried novels, my first novel was  “Harry Potter”. for an 11-year-old it was an amazing experience of both magic and tough life. It taught me no matter how dark the life is, there is always a ray of hope. Slowly my interest diverted from fantasy to mystery than to love…. but every book told me a new story about life.

     As I went on reading more and more books, my imagination level went on increasing it inspired me to write my own book. My first book was a love story. At the age of 15, I wrote about a girl and her bunch of friends. Going through the problems and distraction as a teenager would do and mess the things up. And create it was an amazing experience. Though I didn’t publish it I did share with my schoolmates and they loved it and helped me to improve my works.

        My next story was- mystery, which was written by my best friends and me. It just created so many memories which I cherish to this day. To be frank, I am crazy about writing…  so much that I was even caught by a teacher.. thankfully she didn’t understand stuff. And again the story was loved by my friends.

       Sad thing was my family never encouraged and understood my love or you can tell craze for books and writing stories. They thought it as a distraction.  At one point of time, I did quit my favorite hobby for my family and for my future. As I had to prove myself to my family. Well, again it was a stupid teenager thing. And I did concentrate my studies and proved myself too. But sadly had to give up my hobby. For a time period.

       Today though I am on my way to the better future. I still continued my hobby. Obviously no objection from family. I do write stories. And also kept my parents happy. In all these years I did learn one thing which is, no matter what never give up on what makes you happy and with what life throws at you.